Home Automation Installation

We are locally owned and operated which makes our services causal as they are done by friendly and helpful technicians.

Bfl london ltd is a dealer of some of today’s top home automation and lighting control systems. Our staff is fully trained on the installation of the latest home automation control technology. Bfl london ltd employs professional installers, who take great pride and meticulous care during the installation process to ensure that you are pleased with your new home automation system.

When the installation is completed, our staff will familiarize you with your new home automation system and make your feel comfortable and confident in the operation of the system. Bfl london ltd’s professional staff is here to meet and exceed all of your home automation expectations.

Home automation is the way that all of our devices and appliances will be networked together to provide us with a seamless control over all aspects of our home and more.

Home automation has been around from many decades in terms of lighting and simple appliance control, and only recently has technology caught up for the idea of the interconnected world, allowing full control of your home from anywhere, to become a reality